Writing Group

This page is for members of the Toronto Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup.

Group Organization: Values and Structure

If you’re new to the group, or you want a refresher on the group rules, you can find them here. This document contains the values and structure that shape our meetings.

One of the reasons for making this document available is to facilitate expansion of the group. It should make it smoother for new members to join. Less time will be needed to go over procedures for new members, and new members will be more comfortable coming in, having a better idea of what the group is all about.


I’m committed to never asking for money at our meetings. This can be awkward. And worse, it can be exclusionary. Some people are more or less able to afford to put money towards this, so asking for money at a meeting—in any amount—is problematic from the standpoint of member equality. Even if it is entirely optional, it imposes a kind of pressure that is felt more strongly by some people than others. So I won’t ever do it at meetings, and I won’t ever ask for “member dues”. The presence of members at meetings, and their voice added to the discussion, is enough of a contribution.

Having said that, if you are interested in donating to support the group, here is a PayPal link.