Writing Coaching and Workshops

I offer one-on-one writing coaching services and group workshops. I specialize in speculative genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror) and short stories.

About Writing Coaching

This is a specialized service to help you reach your writing goals and to improve as a writer in a positive, supportive, encouraging, and principled way. In our initial communication, we will clarify your goals and come up with a plan to help you reach them. Part of this process is sending me a sample of your work, which I will review in order to provide a combination of structural/developmental edits, line-edits, and copy-edits. In our meeting, I’ll discuss the rationale behind the edits, offer suggestions, observations, and things to work on. Meetings are typically separated by a week or more to give time to work on things, and so that I have time to review the next sample. It is an iterative process.

Reserving a Spot:

Client spaces are limited; let me know if you would like to be added to the wait-list, and I’ll notify you when a spot becomes available.

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David F. Shultz (MA, BEd, OCT) writes and edits speculative fiction and poetry from Toronto, ON, where he also runs the 700+ member Toronto Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers group and is lead editor for the TDotSpec Inc, where he has overseen the production of six Amazon #1 best-selling anthologies. His over-seventy published works are featured or forthcoming through publications such as AugurThird Flatiron, and Diabolical Plots. More information can be found at www.davidfshultz.com/about.

Voted Best Magazine/e-Zine Editor in Critters Annual Readers Poll:


“As a novice writer this was a very helpful and constructive experience. David was professional and incredibly knowledgeable, providing insight into methods and techniques standard to the craft. As I lacked any formal training, it was invigorating to receive professional help.”

“My discussions with David were immediately productive and enjoyable. David’s easy professionalism and naturally focused demeanor allowed for us to seamlessly bypass my anxiety, work together on specific tasks, set goals for me to work on and get clarity on any uncertainties with a minimum of awkward confusion or wasted time. I enjoyed the process, understood exactly what to do next and was left motivated and inspired.”

“I really enjoyed working with David. He was very constructive and everything felt like a suggestion, like editing with a friend.”

“David was extremely pleasant, helpful, and professional. I really got the sense that he cared about my writing and wanted to help me achieve my goal of being published.”

“David is extremely knowledgeable on both writing craft and the publication process. He teaches without being patronizing and is always supportive. David offers valuable insights and suggestions on how to make my work stronger and how to meet my goals. Though I have worked with writing coaches, taken formal craft courses and attended workshop groups in the past, reviewing David’s feedback to my work has taught me many things I didn’t know in a very short period of time.”

“Very helpful! You met me where I was at, and clarified a lot of questions I had about the form. The submission stuff will give me a great place to start. Thanks above all for the encouragement!”

“It was an excellent learning experience. It was beautifully prepared and well-presented, with plenty of helpful and inspiring examples provided. The pacing was quick, but I think it was essential to keep things moving and cover everything. Your feedback was constructive and judicious. I honestly can’t say how the workshop could have been improved!”

“The workshop was really well-planned and lead by David. It was exactly
what I was hoping for in that I learned techniques and theory that has
directed and defined my writing. It was great that the workshop was
practical too, having had written at least three haiku before it was over –
one of which was published shortly after. […] Thank you David.”

“David helped me immensely in my development as a writer. He was encouraging, and able to tailor advice to the stage I am at with my writing. We would look at specific pieces I had written, talk about how to improve the specific story, but crucially he would talk about general principles that could improve my writing. I’ve been able to come out a more confident writer, with more tools in my writing toolbelt. The first story we looked at together is now my first publication.”