David F. Shultz writes science fiction and from Toronto, ON, where he also works as a teacher, and leads the Toronto Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup. He is greatly appreciative of his readers, including his over 4000 followers on Wattpad. David holds degrees in cognitive science, philosophy, law, and education.

Fiction Publications

Title Publication Details
Ngu’Tinh SNAFU: Hunters anthology,

Cohesion Press

Arbiters Singular Irregularity anthology: Time Travel Gone Horribly Wrong
Digital Fiction Publication Corp.
True North 49th Parallels anthology
Gods in the Machine Lovecraftian Tales: Stories of Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror, The Lovecraft eZine
Jerold’s Stand Broadswords and Blasters
The Santas Polar Borealis, forthcoming 12/2018
Terminal Velocity SQ Magazine
Hook and Grinder The Horror Zine, forthcoming 02/2018

Poetry Publications

Title Publication Details
“flame speckled leaf falls” Three Line Poetry, issue #41
“night sky from frozen” Three Line Poetry, issue #44
“ghosts riding night bus” Three Line Poetry, issue #46
“the ineffable” The Haiku Journal, issue #49
“broken wing sparrow” The Haiku Journal, issue #54
first date The Literary Hatchet, issue #18
Planck Length Dreams and Nightmares, forthcoming
Goodnight Polar Borealis Magazine, issue #4
Skittering Bones Polar Borealis Magazine, issue #4
Boatman Polar Borealis Magazine, forthcoming
Keeping Time Polar Borealis Magazine, forthcoming
Arundel Castle Untimely Frost – Dark Poetry anthology, forthcoming
Roaches in the Wormwood Death’s Garden – A Black Book Series Anthology, forthcoming
“fleshy grey piglet” Scifaikuest, forthcoming 11/2018
morning skyline construction Poetry Quarterly, summer 2017
Venusian Arachnoids Star*Line, forthcoming


“the morning star” Grievous Angel, 11/2018
The Concrete Weasel Press, Degenerates: Voices for Peace Homelessness Edition, forthcoming 12/2018
kawasaki highway Wax Poetry and Art, forthcoming
momentum Tuck Magazine, forthcoming 2018
Forgot a Little Thing Tuck Magazine, forthcoming 2018


Title Publication/Conference Details
Realism and Internalism about Rules UTism: University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Symposium on Mind, 2008.
Charter Protection for the Great Apes: A Canadian Litigation Strategy Thinking About Animals Conference, Brock University, 2011.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there,
    Very happy to have discovered your work.
    In particular, I deeply appreciated the post on Frost’s Stopping By Woods, which I am teaching tomorrow.
    Thank you! I will be back.
    Kind regards,
    Carolyn Gandouin

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