David F. Shultz writes fiction and poetry from Toronto, ON, where he leads the Toronto Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup. He is greatly appreciative of his readers, including his over 4000 followers on Wattpad. David holds degrees in cognitive science, philosophy, law, and education.

Twitter: @DavidFShultz




Digital Media

  • Writing team lead, Going Nowhere 3, computer game by producer Stephen Haldaman, forthcoming
  • Writer, The Shapeshifting Detective, computer game by D’Avekki Studios, forthcoming

Contests and Awards

  • Rhysling nomination, 2018, for Goodnight
  • Rhysling nomination, 2018, for first date
  • Editor’s Pick, The Horror Zine, Feb 2018, for Hook and Grinder
  • Writers of the Future, Honorable mention, 2017, for Ars Poetica
  • Writers of the Future, Honorable mention, 2015, 4th quarter, for True North

Visual Art

  • Broken Chains, in Dual Coast Magazine, July 2018

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there,
    Very happy to have discovered your work.
    In particular, I deeply appreciated the post on Frost’s Stopping By Woods, which I am teaching tomorrow.
    Thank you! I will be back.
    Kind regards,
    Carolyn Gandouin

    Liked by 2 people

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