Strange Wars has LAUNCHED and is currently a FREE DOWNLOAD on Kindle

Strange Wars has officially launched and as part of the promotion is a free download on Kindle Sat Apr 30 through May 4!

Strange Wars

“Strange Wars explores military conflict through speculative fiction. Through compelling narratives and fantastic world-building, diverse authors force us to reexamine the familiar and important concept of war. The 27 stories in this collection present organized aggression through the imaginative lens of science fiction and fantasy. These are entertaining and engaging stories with depth, complexity, and thoughtful exploration of the theme to inspire further reflection and debate. Together, they present memorable “what if” questions, pose interesting moral and philosophical dilemmas, and introduce intriguing thought experiments in the form of engaging stories. Accompanying discussion questions probe deeper into the stories and encourage further reflection. Strange Wars is about more than great science fiction and fantasy; it’s about thinking about war in new ways.”

The book is available for D/L in Canada from here, and in USA from here.

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